AA767 Fire LAX on 02 Jun 06
So lucky this plane was not in the Air - The Rotor core completely separated and sliced thru some critical structure-- don't know what will be salvageable.

1230 PM, Friday, June 2, 2006 at LAX. American Airlines Boeing 767 doing a high power engine run had a #1 engine HPT failure. HPT let go and punctured left wing, #2 engine, peppered fuselage and set f ire to the aircraft. The turbine disk exits the engine and slices through the aircraft belly and lodges in the outboard side of the #2 engine.
Airport Crash Companies arrived on scene within a minute of dispatch to find an American Airlines Boeing 767 with a fire in the number 1 engine. The plane, parked near hanger number two, was not in service at the time of the fire and was undergoing routine maintenance and engine checks. Firefighters immediately applied firefighting foam and were able to control the fire within sixteen minutes. At the time of the fire, the aircraft engines were running while the plane was parked at a blast wall adjacent to the American Airlines hanger. During the engine run up, a failure of the number one engine caused a brief fire and scattered debris throughout the area.

After extinguishing the fire, firefighters were confronted with a significant fuel leak from the damaged engine. Foam was used to cover the fuel on the ground to prevent ignition and reduce the possibility of a larger conflagration.