Gemini MD-11 Tip-up at Dubai UAE (05 June 2007)

Normal procedure would be to install a tail stand, and to always keep weight in the P1 position. Standard practice at Bax Global (formerly Burlington Air Express), for example, was to put one of the heaviest pallet or ULD's in P1, and load tail to nose until that pallet or ULD is ready to be moved back. Move it only as far as P3, and put another unit in P1 to keep the nose down. Same procedure on download- always try to keep a heavy one in P1. Damage is usually limited to some skin damage on the tail, and occasionally, damage from the tail skid punching through the fuselage.

MD11F's don't use a tail-stanchion, so need to pay attention to the loading/unloading sequence. According to that memo, pallet sl (12l) was being positioned when the aircraft tipped. No nose-tether installed and fwd lower hold was empty = asking for trouble.

Aircraft out of service for two months for skin repairs.