Lloyd Aereo Boliviano 727 Fuel Exhaustion Crash near Trinidad Bolivia

02 Feb 1035L


 South America

727-259 of LAB

Reg: CP-2429

(being flown as a charter for Transporte Aereo Militar)

Crash-landed Saturday in a flooded timberland outside the eastern city of Trinidad.
Survivors said the Boeing 727 lost power. It had been turned away from its destination, the northern city of Cobija, because of a fierce storm,
but, 370mls away, Trinidad weather also turned sour and the aircraft went down in sodden brushland 10kms short –
after 2 missed approaches. Airport in La Paz is 13,300 ft ASL so T/O weight is obviously of primary concern.
Investigation will focus on the full load of passengers and the departure airport's elevation with respect to fuel requirements for the flight

2 serious & many minor injuries/151 passengers + 8 crew

Charter jet flown by airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano took off from the Bolivian capital, La Paz. Crash imagery at tinyurl.com/3x2zxk    and   37c8pk

LAB flights have been suspended for nearly a year due to the airline’s debts and legal troubles. The privatized company began offering charter flights in December while it worked toward renewing its scheduled commercial operator’s license.

Map locale of crash: tinyurl.com/ythur3

  CP-2429 Registry
Aircraft 727-259/Adv - c/n 22475 - Originally Avianca - JT8D-15A engines.
High Alt. Ops. STC Kit (Operations above 10,000+ MSL) SLLP is 13,400 MSL.
Aircraft Basic Oprg Wt approx. 115,000 lbs
Payload - 155 pax = prob 35,000 lbs all included.
Fuel req. SLLP to SLCO + Alternate SLTR + Reserves = Approx. 20,000 lbs
Takeoff gross weight would have been 170,000+ lbs. Unlikely out of SLLP.
Max T/O SLLP probably limited to about 160,000 lbs.
Limited by either tire speed limit or brake energy. Flaps 5 or 15 takeoff.
i.e. Probably left with less fuel than legally required. Probably ran out of fuel (and ideas).
Nasty weather E of "Altiplano", typical of summer storms and CBs.