Stuck - March 2003



A Wrong Runway Landing

The shiny new un-rubber-marked taxiway at Sea-Tac (Seattle Tacoma) proved to be a bit of a sucker trap on 27 Mar 03 for an AA MD-82 (due to a wet surface and glare from the late afternoon sun.)

Hijacked Cubana AN-24 refuelling at Havana Airport on 01 Apr 03

(where 24 passengers (out of 40 were allowed off)

Hijacker was later arrested at Key West Florida (in front of his wife and family who were on board)


Two Views of the Blue Panorama 767 (EI-CXO) that "glissaded" off the runway at Havana's Jose Marti Airport on 30 Mar 03








  Grand Air Express Falcon 20 lies in Mississippi River after ditching on 2nd instrument approach with fuel exhaustion.

Pilots rescued (one critical and one serious)

Second Grand Air Express aircraft lost within hours. Another Falcon 20 crashed on approach Toledo, killing 3 on board- in weather.