Airbus Industrie A300 & A310 Series Aeroplanes



Rudder Trim Control Switch


Applicability: All models A300-600.
Requirement: Replace control switches P/N 097-023-00 with new switches P/N 097-023-01 in accordance with Airbus Industrie Service Bulletin A300-27-6037.
Note 1. AD/AB3/90 is cancelled.
Note 2. DGAC AD 97-111-219(B) refers.
Compliance: Unless previously accomplished prior to 14 January 1998.
This airworthiness directive becomes effective on 14 August 1997.
Background: The actions required by this AD are to prevent any interference between the 408VU panel and the rudder trim control knob, which could prevent the self recentering of the switch to the neutral position when released, thus causing a rudder movement up to the maximum deflection, and which could lead to critical flight situations. AD/AB3/90 required an ongoing compliance whenever the switch was replaced. This AD supersedes AD/AB3/90 and constitutes terminating action for that AD.

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